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Historical Perspectives on Fairchild Barre Syndrome


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Many people have enjoyed reading the private release of Historical Perspectives on Fairchild Barré Syndrome.  Through this website, you can join them.

Historical Perspectives on Fairchild Barré Syndrome is a series of novels about a Hypothetical disease.  The series is classed as fiction.

The  books follow an amazing cast of characters, some of whom have the  disease, others treat the disease, and others are just bystanders.  The  books surround the “coming of age” of the foremost character and her  struggle to reconcile being in a very young human body with the  knowledge, instincts, abilities, and talents of a person who has lived  multiple lifetimes before.

The  books chronicle the development of the disease and provide a ring side  seat to watch the medical community come to terms with what appears to  be worldwide disorder growing at exponential rates.

The books are also a commentary on the mundane aspects of modern life in America at the beginning of the 21st  century.  They provide hints and sometimes instruction on how to live  well and effectively, face problems, deal with truth, and take a step  beyond the lives most of us live.  In addition, there is plenty of good  information about food, gourmet restaurants, amateur radio, flying small  jets, hypnotherapy, as well as hypothetical and real advances in  surgery, prosthetics, and human healing.

The books are intended for adults and consider adult situations and interactions.  

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